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power, super-power!
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14th-Nov-2011 10:13 pm - 001 ♖ [video]
[The feed opens, after a moment of the usual static, upon a turtleneck-clad teen sitting cross-legged in the center of his dorm room bed. His eyes are downcast as he begins speaking, apparently focused instead on something cupped in his hands.]

I assumed that this place would be more understanding, but perhaps I was wrong. [His eyes dart to the screen, narrowed and apparently vengeful.] A natural human reaction, but I expected more from you all. ... Hm. [His eyes move away, again concerned with the thing in his hands. He opens them slightly, and the thing promptly skitters up his arm to his shoulder. It's a fuzzy yellow spider, about the size of his palm.] It seems he had some trouble traversing the hallways. Do none of you look where you step? Or maybe your immediate response was to purposefully attempt exterminating him?

[He continues his public service announcement in a huff.] I will not allow any of my friends to be injured on account of simple ignorance. Do I make myself clear?

[By the way, this is one of the newbies... First impressions: royally failed oops.]
♕ coNuNdrum
6th-Nov-2011 01:54 am - 01 (2.0) [video/action]
[ Only a minute ago, there was a loud noise from a certain room on the fourth floor of Shyvere. The feed shows Minako in her room, but at a myspace sort of angle - it's hard to see much of her or the room. She's obviously trying to keep a straight face, but there's a smile persistently tugging at her lips. ]

Okay, nobody panic! Wow, that's a bad way to start. Anyway, if you happened to hear a noise, don't worry, everything's fine. Promise!

On a totally different note, say a friend of mine modified one of those little ovens for me. If - hypothetically speaking, of course - something shorted out and something else exploded and some of the plastic is all melted, do you think it's salvageable? Is anyone really good with stuff like this? Cause I really like that oven. [ No, her straight face is definitely failing her now, and she doesn't care. ] The hypothetical one, that is.
we are the last generation of hope
2nd-Nov-2011 11:32 am - ONE. video/action
[ There's a scene somewhere in the courtyard. Marin vs. three punks who thought it would be a good idea to steal her lunch. The same three guys who picked on her when she first arrived, the same three guys who only leave her alone when she's around someone who could probably kick their asses in a heartbeat.

But today, they aren't so lucky. They throw multiple taunts at her, calling her a weak upperclassmen, powerless, "Nobody's here to save you now!"

And then there's a flash. Marin extends her arms out and opens up her palms, creating a small force field that compels them, pushing the three bullies away a couple of inches. They looked stunned at first but they choose to be persistent; one of them comes running at her, and Marin sets up another barrier.

The boy rams into it with the intention of breaking through. He almost manages, but instead he ends up falling to the ground, shaking. He's disoriented. Confusion. Marin looks almost shocked at what she's done, but... ]

I'm sorry. But... I... won't let you pick on me any longer.
we were your soldiers
1st-Nov-2011 04:07 pm - voice; oo1
This is a reminder to all you forgetful fucktards:

Swim practice starts at seven every Wednesday morning and runs for the hour, so set your fucking alarm clocks. Late arrivals get to do twenty five extra laps and clean out the pool locker rooms. And no, I won't take any excuses so don't even bother wasting whatever minuscule amount of brainpower you have trying to come up with some.
[ hi estrasia, i hope you're up bright and early, because there's a blind girl with red glasses and an excited grin just waiting to greet you on the network!

she's also in costume, though the aesthetic appeal is somewhat eclipsed by the weird dragon hood/cape thing draped over her head and shoulders. if you've been around a while, you may notice that:

a) the hood is the same one she occasionally wears when chat-roleplaying with her friends, and

b) this is her third consecutive year as a dragon for halloween - but at least she's switched it up some. ]

How lame is it that I have school on my second favorite holiday? It is undoubtedly the most delicious of holidays. Withholding cherry-flavored candies from the esteemed Redglare is a heinous crime punishable by law! Hehehehe.

Anyway, are we still on for that survival horror game night or what? Scary movies? Ghost stories? Come on guys, don't tell me we really have no plans at all for the second best holiday!
27th-Oct-2011 08:12 pm - first。text
... It's good to be back. I guess. [ not that she liked this place or anything. PSHHHHH. ] How was everyone over the break? Still intact, or are there limbs that need reattaching? Hell if I know what you've all gotten yourself into. Hmph.

Oh, and uh.

Welcome back. [ she secretly missed some of the students and staff. also, i'm a bit rusty with her. kindly humour me. ]
"ENGLISH MOTHERFUCKER! Do you speak it?!
27th-Oct-2011 07:55 pm - one ♪ voice
Hi, Estrasia! It's nice to be back, huh? I thought it was shut down forever 'cause of the island falling and all, but I guess not! Heh. [ she chuckles once, and speaks in a lowered tone as the voice feed collects some static. ]

Another thing- I've heard rumours. About dragons. Apparently, they brought some in to guard the school and hold it up if it falls, which I think is kind of bull, but it's still awesome! Makes me want to go find one. Don't tell Fang!

Anyway. How's everyone been? It feels like it's been forever... What a trip, huh?

[ if you want to go for action, nat is in the room she happily shares with minako, unpacking the last of her things. her bass is against the wall and george the hedgehog is - shocker! - in his cage. yeup.

other forms of communication, if desired, are of course, possible! ]
{genuine} smile like you mean it
27th-Oct-2011 05:19 pm - text ⟷ action i

How was the first day back? I enjoyed being at the school again after the break. What was the best part?


[after finishing typing on the network, Chell leans back onto the grass near the dorms. She hasn't much else to do today, since it was the first day back and all, so she'll just lounge here and stare up at the clouds, silently comparing them to things and people she knows.]
We trusted、
8th-Oct-2011 02:08 am(no subject)

The posts made before this one took place before the game reopened on the 27rd of October, 2011. Whilst these posts are still part of game canon, the vast majority of the characters that made them are currently not around.
you are HERE
17th-Mar-2011 07:18 pm - alright alright, i'm here.
[ there's a young redheaded girl in a corridor, looking around cautiously with a case holding a bass strapped to her back. she looks to be about age thirteen, and if an adult approaches her, she'll shy away and be afraid if being marked as weird or unnatural due to her uncontrolled powers. So best take caution and have a gentle hand with this one. ]
{like a spiel} another round to dance
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